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- How to book  : watsapp us at +216 99 273 375. Please mention your availability dates, so that we can contact you 48h before the windy days
The kite beach here.  constant wind and flat water. very beginner friendly
- Infrastructure : reachable by car.  Meeting at the parking here
- Facility : lounge / coffee shop / restaurant  available
- Price : 150 dt / 2h (two trainee per instructor per kite). 250dt private course. 
- To bring : water, long sleeve, sunglasses, drybag 
- Check forecast here.
- We installed an iconic table to enjoy eating & watching kite action live.

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- how to book : simply give us a call at +216 99 273 375 
- depending on wind, we paddle at spot1 or spot2
- changing room is available at our club here
- price per excursion : Sunsrise ( 04:30 , 50 dt incl. breakfast) - morning adventure (08:00 , 40 dt) - morning beginners (10:30 , 30 dt) - afternoon (15:00, 30dt) - Sunset all-level (18:00 , 30dt). private : 80dt. 
- Unsupervised rental is not possible. 
- Rescue boat is under your service 


- how to book  : watsapp us at +216 99 273 375. Please mention your availability dates, so that we can contact you 48h before the windy days
- Check spot here.  constant wind and flat water. very beginner friendly
- course begins with 15 minutes beach exercises, than 1 hour on an inflatable paddle board. Later on a foil. 
- free parking here
- Price : 180 dt / 1,5h (1 trainee per instructor per gear). 
- to bring : water, long sleeve, sunglasses, drybag


contact us
 Phone : +216 99 273 375
IG : MahdiaSurf  ,  FB : MahdiaSurf
google maps , info@mahdiasurf.com

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Are you planning your trip?

  1. How can I book my adventure?
    Simple, give us a call on +216 99 273 375, for all details about pricing, timing, and availability of the photographer in advance. Contrariwise we really appreciate your notification in case of canceling the session.  

  2. How can I get my photos ?
    You will get them immediately after your session by cable  or by a secure link in google drive. Please note that all media content remains two weeks before extermination.

  3. Can I bring my gear and join your cruise ?

    YES of course ! First for your safety, and second for the vibe we share as we want to grow the community.
  4. When can I join your activity ?
    As known, we depend on weather conditions. General rule-of-thumb : during good weather we paddle, and in wind season we kitesurf in the lagoon nearby Mahdia (here). Try to avoid overcrowded weekends to book your tour.

  5.  Where may I park my car ?
    You can park Here , or here 

  6. Is there a possibility of accommodation ?
    In future yes, with surf-eat-sleep-repeat life-style

  7. Is kitesurf dangerous ? 
    Well, kiteboarding appears listed as a relatively safe sport, especially when compared to mainstream sports. After all, we kite in the lagoon (here), a shallow water during moderate wind gusts with the adapted size of gear.

  8. May I ask for a price reduction ?
    We generally avoid this type of questions, as the dispenses on the gear are quite considerable in the international market. Nevertheless, we will not let you down, but we will make sure to serve you with the best timing, the coolest tour and the entire safety. 

  9. Can I ask for a refund?
    Sure! Your request will be forwarded to our after-sale-service. We will investigate the root cause and offer you the adequate indemnity.  

For our international guests

  1. Any international airport nearby ?
    - Monastir (45min) : direct flights from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, ...
    - Enfidha Hammamet Airport : 2h
    - Tunis Carthage : 3h
  2. What kind of accommodation there is ?
    You have a choice of 16 hotels with direct beach access. But if you are on a budget, you can choose Airbnb as an alternative. Please, feel free to ask us for a recommendation. 
  3. How cheap is it in Tunisia or specifically Mahdia ?
    Generally speaking it is quite affordable for all.  Whether you go for a street food or a local bar or a Taxi or even a luxury facility, you will get surprised how cheap it is. 
  4. What are the best wind seasons  for kitesurfing?
    - May : South east, 15 to 25 knots regular, 5 days out of 7, air temperature 25°C
    - December : North, 15 to 35 knots regular, 5 days out of 7, air temperature 18°C.
    - Other : occasionally 2 to 3 days a week. 
    - Foil wind : nearly 7 out of 7 over the year. 
  5. how far is the kite spot from the school ?
    20 minutes of drive, traffic free area. You can rent a car, or may ask for a pick-up service by the school.